MTI Visitor Dashboard

The Simpler the System, the Higher the Reliability
MTI has developed a new way to  connect family and friends with their loved ones in detention centers.  If the detention center is equipped with MTI's Video Visitation system and the visitor has the correct computer hardware and internet connection, distance is no longer an issue.

Attorneys, clergy, counselors, and bonding agents can also use our system to visit with inmates using a suitably equipped office computer.

This feature provides the ability to schedule video visitation directly from your home computer, whether you are participating in "from home" Internet based video visitation or on-site visitation. This feature is already in use at facilities in the USA and has received great reviews from those who have used it.

This feature is beneficial to the detention facility because it provides a more streamlined approach to video visitation scheduling and administration in which the visitor provides all information and schedules the visit. Most of the decision making process can be handled by the system software, which cuts down on the amount of labor needed to implement this feature. Also, the new "from home" feature provides more visitation space without adding brick and mortar.
This site will explain how to schedule visits and answer common questions about our system. The Setup page will walk the visitor through a wizard that will check to ensure the correct internet connection and computer hardware are being used. The user can also go to our Demo page to see how our Video Visitation system works.
Unlimited From-Home visits now available!*

*Valid only with participating facilities. Visits must still be scheduled and fall within normal operational guidelines. In this case, From-Home visits do not count against the inmate's weekly allowed visits. Limit 1 visit per 2 hour period. In-Person/On-Site restrictions still apply. All other facility-specific regulations still apply. Please review the MTI Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and your facility's specific regulations for further detail.