MTI Visitor Dashboard

The Simpler the System, the Higher the Reliablity

Frequently Asked Questions 


I.  Visitor Related Questions

A.  What computer hardware is required?

      1.   A Pentium 4 processor 1.5 GHz or better with at least 512 MB of


2.   Windows XP or newer.

3.   A Windows compatible webcam. MTI recommends Logitech webcams.

4.   A sound card that supports 8000 KHz 8 bit audio. (most do)


B.  What internet speed is required?

1.   0.5 Mbps is required for both download and upload speeds.


C.  How much does it cost to visit?

1.   Standard visitors and special visitors, such as attorneys, are charged a variable (depending on the location) per-minute rate which is charged for the complete scheduled visit length, plus a connection/processing fee for From-Home visits.

2.   Standard visitors must pay for a full block of time whose length is determined by the facility. If the facility requires 30 minute visits, then the user will be charged for the full 30 minutes, regardless of the actual length of the visit.

3.   Special visitors, such as attorneys, clergy, counselors,      and bonding agents may select the length of time for their visits and will only be charged for that time length, plus a connection/processing fee.

4.   Special visitors are authorized by the facility. If the facility cannot
verify a visitor as a special visitor, the visitor will be charged as a standard visitor.

5.   Visitors that schedule an In-Person visit will not be charged for
their visit.


D.  Why do I get pixilated/distorted video or audio that breaks up?

1.   Your internet connection does not provide enough bandwidth to
maintain a quality video or audio feed.


E.  Even though I have a video camera connected, the program says

     there is no video input device.

1.   You do not have a webcam that provides the correct format. See question A.


F.  The person with whom I am visiting motions that he cannot hear

     me. What is wrong?

      1.  You do not have a microphone connected to your computer.

      2.  You need to adjust your microphone volume setting. Use  

         the "Setup" menu in to make sure

         your microphone volume is set to a satisfactory level.



II.  Facility Related Questions

A.   How can I get this service at my facility?

      1.  For existing MTI Video Visitation systems, MTI will provide a free
     software update and free routing hardware to establish the

           infrastructure to accomplish this. MTI will also contract with a

           local internet service provider to get the necessary internet

           connection. Depending on the location, this feature may or may

           not be feasible. Please contact Terry or Nathan at 1-800-392-


     2.   For facilities that do not have an MTI video visitation system, the
     facility must purchase MTI video visitation units to be installed in

           the facility. Once the facility has MTI video visitation units, MTI will

           do the rest, as stated above. Please contact Nathan or Terry at



B.   Can my agency receive revenue from this service?

      1.  Yes! MTI will negotiate a service percentage that will be paid
     monthly to the agency.


C.   Does this system expose my facility to hackers?

      1.  No. MTI will provide all necessary firewall and routing to ensure a
     secure connection. This system is also designed to inhibit