MTI Visitor Dashboard

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How Does It Work 


Registering a New Account on the MTI Dashboard

1.   A new user has to register his account as either a standard user or a special user.

a.   Standard users are family and friends of the inmate. Standard users are charged for the full block of time the facility decides upon at a fixed per-minute rate, plus a connection/processing fee. If the actual visit is shorter than the allotted time the standard user is still charged for the full visit.

b.  Special users are attorneys, clergy, counselors, and bonding agents. These users may select the amount of time for their visits. These users will be charged a per-minute rate, plus a connection/processing fee.



Scheduling a New Visit

1.   To begin scheduling a visit, a user must login using the user name and password chosen during the registration process.

2.   The user must then decide if they want an In-Person visit or a From-Home visit.

a.   An In-person visit is scheduled so the visitor can go to the facility for the visit.  There is no charge for an In-Person visit.

b.   A From-Home visit is scheduled so the visitor can use his home computer and internet connection to perform the visit (See FAQ page for hardware and internet requirements). This type of visit is charged to the user’s credit card.

3.   To schedule a visit, the user selects the "New Visit" tab on the left hand column of the MTI Dashboard. This will change the view to the “Schedule a New Visit” screen. On this screen, the user will select the location of the visit and the time for the visit in the appropriate boxes on the screen.  The user will then select the time slot for the visit. If this is an In-Person visit, the user will select one of the open visits for the desired time. If the visit will be a From-Home visit, the user will select an open time slot for the desired time for an From-Home visit.

4.   Once the visit is scheduled, the MTI Dashboard will change to the “Inmate Information” screen. The user will enter the inmate’s information in the appropriate boxes on the screen. If a From-Home visit is scheduled, the user will also enter the information for the credit card that will be charged for the visit. All boxes must be filled in.  The user will at this time also be given the total amount the credit card will be charged. After all the information is entered, the user can choose to submit the request or cancel the request.

5.   After the request is submitted, the facility will process the request and either approve or reject the request. If the request is rejected, the facility will email the user to notify him of the rejection; if  approved, the user will receive an email stating it is approved. This email will also contain a list of rules for the visit and a link to the “Setup” wizard that will ensure the user’s hardware and internet connection meets requirements.


Participating in a Visit

1.   Before the start of the scheduled visit, the user will return to the MTI Dashboard. The user will select the “My Visits” tab on the left hand column, this will display all visits that have been scheduled but have not started. The user can cancel any visit that is scheduled at this point. To cancel a visit, the user must press the cancel button for the correct scheduled visit. The user will then receive an email stating the visit has been canceled and his credit card will be refunded for the amount of the visit minus the connection/processing fee. The visitor will NOT be refunded if he/she cancels on the day of the scheduled visit.


To start a visit: Five minutes before the visit is scheduled to begin, the user must click the start button for the correct visit. At this time the facility will receive a connection request and will prepare the visit.