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MTI From-Home Visitor Setup Wizard

This setup wizard will assess the settings and programs on your computer to ensure that you have the correct hardware and software necessary to participate in a From-Home visit. Please note that the following items are required before this setup wizard can complete successfully:

  1. Windows XP with service pack 2 or later, Vista, 7, or 8
  2. An installed webcam. MTI recommends Logitech.
  3. Microsoft Silverlight version 3 or later (Click here to install)
  4. Java Runtime Environment version 6 or higher. (Click here to install)

MTI highly recommends users to check their Video & Audio settings before starting a Visit (Please refer questions 1 through 3 in "General" section & questions 1,4 in "TroubleShooting" section of our Knowledge Base)


Before starting your Visit, please make sure to close all third party applications that makes use of your Webcam, e.g., Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Microsoft Netmeeting, Logitech Quickcam etc.  Your Visit will not be successful unless your webcam is free.



Checklist to prepare for a "From-Home" visit:


1.) Do you own a Pentium 4 processor 1.5 GHz or better with at least 512

     MB of RAM? You can check by pressing WINDOW + PAUSE/BREAK keys.
2.) Is your machine, Windows based (Win XP, Vista, 7, 8)?
3.) Is your machine connected to a Webcam, Headphones or Speakers or

     Soundcard, Microphone?
4.) Does your machine have Java Runtime Environment(JRE) version 6 &

     Microsoft Silverlight version 3 or above?
5.) Does your machine have an "Internet Explorer" browser greater than

     Version 6 (i.e. Version 7, 8, 9, or 10)?
6.) Is your Internet connection consistent?
7.) Are your Audio & Video devices working fine? You can test your Audio &

     Video devices by clicking "Next>>" below.
8.) Did you close all third party applications that makes use of your

     Webcam, e.g., Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Microsoft

     Netmeeting, Logitech Quickcam etc.?
9.) Did you close all other browser windows/tabs other than MTI Visitor




To check your Audio & Video devices, click Next.